The Children’s Bread

- by Ruth & Bob Cornforth, © 1976

This seminal manual on Christian deliverance from unclean spirits is timeless in its relevance, thoroughness, and effectiveness.  Scripture-based, Holy Spirit-led, and completeness-focused, it avoids the excessive generalizations of predecessor publications while providing a decent and orderly process for obtaining and walking in the complete freedom and total victory over the devil that Jesus the Messiah bought with His own blood.

While it is true that, for the Body of Christ, the real “us” (Rom 7.20, etc.), i.e. our born again “new creation” spirits, have been made the righteousness of God in the perfection of The Lord Jesus Christ himself, we still have souls and bodies that have not yet been fully transformed/translated (Rom 12.2; 2 Cor 3.18; Eph 4.22-27; Col 1.13, etc.), and we have Jesus’ command to, among other things, cast out devils (Mat 10.8; Mar 16.17).

Deliverance, or “the children’s bread” (Mat 15.6; Mar 7.27) comes in many forms but is not necessarily/usually “automatic” for our souls and bodies upon receiving salvation by faith in Jesus blood as payment in full for our past, present, and future (Rom 4.8; Heb 10.17) sins.  The principal tool of the enemy is theft of the Word (Mat 13.19; Luk 8.12), i.e. getting us to believe error with regard to God’s goodness, grace, love, guidance and provision in every area of our lives.  Just as in the garden, he convinces us we have to do something to get what God has already freely given us (Joh 3.27, 6.37, .44, .65; Act 2.47; Rom 12.3; 1Cor 1.30, 4.7; Eph 1.4-11, 2.6,9; Php 1.29, 2.13; Ja 1.17) by his grace through Jesus’ finished work (Jer 31.34; Dan 9.24; Rom 4.8, 5.16, 10.4; 2Cor 5.19; Col 2.13; Heb 4.3, 10.17-22; Rev 1.5; etc.).

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Clear the air (suggested [and proven] command language): Clear-the-air…Under-our-feet…

“It is fulfilled.” (John 19.30)  “Therefore, receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us hold fast that grace, whereby we may serve and please God, with reverence and godly fear.” (Hebrews 12.28) Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Text © 1933, George M. Lamsa

“The devil has trouble with a grateful man.” -Betsy Carr

“The blood of Jesus speaks to every situation to which it is called.” -HLB


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Keywords: “addiction” “insomnia” “nightmares” “emotional pressure” “sleep deprivation” “impression” “obsession” “oppression” “suppression” “repression” “depression” “recession” “concession” “despair” “desperation” “devastation” “compulsion” “infirmity” “demons” “devils” “unclean spirits” “foul spirits” “wicked spirits”